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Increase business efficiency

Increase business efficiency

Elixir of business - it is an opportunity to improve business performance. Generally course the phrase "business Elixir" may look funny, awkward and serious. This is due to the fact that business is considered a serious matter, and the word is associated with a type of magic elixir, ie something fantastic and frivolous. Such associations are not accidental. Image of a businessman who looks almost like a devil, especially pumped through the media and through the different movies. This is done in order to cut a lot of people who do not look like the devil and do not feel their way into the business.

Business Efficiency

Many people see what should be a real businessman, understand that they are not, and refuse it in favor of one, then to get a job to the "spitting image of a businessman." In fact, to be a businessman do not need to look like a "Terminator", and indeed the appearance of business does not play any role. The main role in the business of playing internal quality, not visible to the eye. These qualities affect the business performance.

So, a person who wants to be a businessman, does not have to direct horror on other people, because it is not a prerequisite in order to be a successful businessman. In turn, the business there is nothing magical elixir, everything is real. For example elixir business uses, Apple, and for this reason it has an effective business. Elixir of business is merely an idea. But do not confuse the idea with the thought that crept into his head.

Usually, a person believes that the idea that he came up with - this is the idea. On the one hand it is, but on the other hand it is not so. Indeed, the idea enters the head man, but she is no longer the idea as such in this case. The idea - a reflection of the ideas that penetrated the man, in his mind. In other words, the idea is an idea, but not a pure idea, an idea that has been transformed consciousness, and therefore has a different designation - thought. The idea in its pure form - it is an idea, and the idea that gets into the human consciousness - that's the idea, because it has a slightly different properties than pure.

The idea - it is one of the elements of our world, one of the building blocks of our world, along with electrons, protons, molecules, material, physical objects. The idea - it can be said is the smallest particle of the world from which the particles are formed and then the other. However, the idea is immaterial, it does not have the structure, it has no mass, it does not speed. We can say that the idea - it's an absolute entity has absolute properties, it is very clear that there may be in this world, without any impurities. It is because the idea is clean, it has no mass, has no color, has no odor, does not have a structure generally has characteristics typical of matter. However, the idea has such properties as long as it is one as it is in itself. When the idea of ​​integration with another idea, in some cases, it loses its purity, it is becoming a matter. What a lot of other ideas communicates this idea, the more "dirty" and the more material it becomes.

However, not every time the idea of ​​interacting with another idea loses its absolute properties, not every time is becoming a matter. In some cases, the interaction leads to the formation of ideas new idea. For example, there is the idea of ​​"action at a distance", which is reflected by the word "body." There is also the idea of ​​the word "see", which is reflected through the word "vision" in the English language. The interaction of two ideas led to the formation of a new idea of ​​"vision at a distance", which is reflected through word TV. In television, this idea just yet and implemented. A similar picture with the phone, telegraph, teleport. All of them formed from two ideas, one of which "a big effect on the distance." Thus, it becomes obvious that you can get a new idea in the event that carried out the interaction of available ideas. Accordingly, the secret of making the elixir of business open. To get it, you need to implement the interaction of two ideas. By doing this, you can easily improve business performance.

Business PLan

The question arises, and where do we get these two ideas to make them the elixir of business in order to improve business performance? Take two ideas quite easily. Many ideas have penetrated into the head of different people. Accordingly, it is possible to get them from other people. To do this, you need to communicate as much as possible with a large number of people. The more communication, the more ideas you can get for yourself. You can communicate directly face to face, as well as indirectly, through the form in which the people embodied ideas they come to mind. Among these forms: books, magazines, newspapers, Websites on the Internet, in general, any type of media. Important to have a clear goal, to get an idea, and then it all happens quickly and easily. With the exception of one case. This event is when the idea has not yet penetrated into the head of any man on earth. In this case, it must be obtained from the ideal world. About the ideal world it can be viewed as a library of ideas, a place where ideas are placed on the shelves waiting for your reader.

Given the fact that the idea can only communicate with the idea to get an idea of ​​the ideal world, you can also only through interaction with an idea that's already in your head. The idea, which is in your head, interacts with the idea of ​​a perfect world and if it pulls in our material world. After that, drag the idea is already possible to work on the algorithm above and get new ideas. You can get them a lot. As shown in the example above, the idea of ​​"action at a distance" is received at least 4 new ideas with regard to the business of steel elixirs business and helped to create the market phones, televisions, Telegraphs. teleports market is still waiting for its time, because it is still no technology that would create teleporters. It is the spread of these ideas, ie, impregnating elixir business people has led to the fact that these devices have become popular. If it had not been extracted elixirs if they are not "given to drink" of people, they have not turned in to the consumer and have not brought those who created these elixirs many millions of dollars of profit. Only the magic elixir allowed to "roll out" televisions, telephones, telegraphs.

The fact that the ideas derived from the interaction with other ideas, explains the gradual development of humanity. The more ideas penetrated into people's heads, the more new ideas they can create through the organization of their interaction. The more ideas penetrated into people's heads, the more new ideas they can drag from the ideal of peace in our world through the organization of interaction of ideas of the ideal world and the ideas that have already been entered into our world. Although the range of the interaction of ideas is wide, but it is limited. For this reason, not all the ideas of the ideal world can immediately drag, only gradually. From this it can be a very interesting conclusion, which is that it is not he owns the world, who owns the information, but he owns the world, in whom introduced the largest set of the most advanced ideas.

Advanced in this case is regarded as the best new ideas, because only the best new ideas open up access to the ideas of an ideal world. The largest and most advanced set of ideas allows you to drag most advanced ideas of the ideal world in large numbers. Once they are received from the ideal world, you can learn and acquire new properties, which no one else has. Through these features, you can get the absolute competitive edge and get the absolute efficiency of the business.

So, dear marketers, businessmen, and all caring, business secret elixir declared open. Now we have to use it and realize all their desires in life and improve business efficiency.